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40 foot containers

The 40-foot container significantly simplifies the transportation of various goods using multiple modes of transport - and it's easily manageable too! Thanks to its practical design, loading and unloading become a straightforward process. These containers are also extremely versatile, efficiently serving their purpose both on land and at sea. The 40-foot maritime container can meet the diverse needs of various industries, as it is durable and can be used repeatedly. Mobilainer offers its 40-foot containers in deployable condition, providing excellent quality. Contact us today to request a quote and get your Mobilainer 40-foot container for immediate use!

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40-Foot Containers from Mobilainer: Why Choose Us


Choose from an excellent selection of 40-foot containers We guarantee the quality of our used 40-foot maritime containers! Why are we confidently making this statement? Here are the reasons:

  • The side walls resist wind and frost excellently, and they are corrosion-resistant, ensuring they are in great condition inside and out.
  • The double-winged doors on the short side (which fully open) function superbly, significantly simplifying the loading process.
  • The frame structure of the containers is also in impeccable condition, ready to be back in service.
  • Mobilainer's offered containers have a spotless, clean foundation.
  • The structure of the available 40-foot used maritime containers is lightweight and durable, making them easily stackable or relocatable. Need to transport or store a larger quantity of goods? A 40-foot maritime container is perfect for this purpose: its design and dimensions guarantee optimal space utilization.



Extensive professional experience


Mobilainer takes pride in numerous successful projects executed by our team over the years. Our business policy is based on providing only quality services and premium products to our customers. We continuously strive for improvement, implementing innovative solutions. We flexibly adapt to the unique needs of our clients and regularly update our product portfolio. Our goal is to satisfy both existing and new customers and establish long-term partnerships.



Swift transaction processing


We understand the industry and the market, knowing that unconventional orders often arise, requiring the fastest possible delivery - with perfect safety. Expect rapid transaction processing from the Mobilainer team, ensuring that meeting tight deadlines doesn't depend on the arrival of the 40-foot container. We deliver our available used maritime storage containers promptly and dynamically, both in Hungary and at various locations across Europe.



Excellent quality, favorable 40-foot container price


Our products are not only offered at a competitive price but also come with a guarantee. You can acquire your maritime storage at excellent conditions from Mobilainer. Ensuring the best quality is crucial for us, and the prices of our 40-foot containers are designed to be competitive.



Diverse container selection


Our online store prioritizes offering a broad product range to fully satisfy our customers' needs. The reliable 40-foot containers' transportation is just one of our many services! You can count on us whether you're looking for the smaller version, the 20-foot container, or various other types. We supply premium steel, modern technology, lightweight guard containers, mobile office containers, container shops, and a wide variety of sanitary containers.



40-Foot Container Dimensions


The products available at Mobilainer come with ideal parameters. The dimensions of our 40-foot containers are as follows:

  • Height: 244 cm
  • Length: 1210 cm

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