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Office container

The office container is an ideal choice if our needs change occasionally in time.
It can deploy fast and leisurely beside it is useful if work permit is not available easily.
It can be used in every season because it is weatherproof.
If you need a well-equipped office container with competitive price when Mobilainer's quality mobile offices are the best choices for you. Make contact with us!

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Office containers in standard sizes

We always have standard size office containers in stock, because it can be guarantee the fast delivery for you.

If you need a container, choose a size from the list below:

Standard 400x240x223 cm
Standard II 500x240x223 cm
Standard + 600x240x223 cm
Blue 600x240x221 cm
Gray 600x240x221 cm (+ stock forklift: for crane and forklift transporting)
Sanitary 600x240x223 cm (wc + basin)
Graphite 600x240x262 cm
Graphite II 600x240x262 cm (wc + basin)
Graphite+ 600x240x262 cm (wc + basin + shower)
Dupla Standard 600x480x223 cm (1 door + 2 windows: 90x98 cm. Upper part is glass, lower part is panel)
Dupla Standard II 600x480x223 cm 1 door + 2 panorama window: 280x220 cm. Upper part is glass, lower part is panel)
Fourtimes 600x480x223 cm (1 door + 3 db panorama window: 280x220 cm. Upper part is glass, lower part is pane)

Mobilainer office container


Main features : 


  • light-weight but durable construcion
  • perfect insulation
  • order in various sizes and formations
  • maximum comfort feeling
  • customizable extras
  • fast and easy delivery
  • no need permit
  • no hidden costs
  • no need to build, just order, and make it use


Comfort opportunities :


  • if air-conditioning with inverter demandable for the all-year comforts
  • equippe more door or window
  • separated toilet or bathroom making
  • two or more containers can be connect if you need more space


Why Mobilainer?


  • our team have many years experience in Hungary and international markets
  • customer-oriented implementations
  • helpful support
  • guarantee
  • constant development to build


Officecontainer in Mobilainer's bid: why choose us? 


You can choose many types of office containers

In our bidding there are many types of office containers you can choose from it what you need the most. Our products are very aestetics and have very comfortable inner creation if you want you order with custom features. If you need a container with toilet or basin you are the right place.

We distribute standard and galvanized types also. Most part of mobile rooms have standard electric network. Mobilainer's office containers' height is 2,5 m, because there is no called "box-feeling" in it. You can connect it if you need, because you can make bigger containerhouses or containeroffices.

Office container in size 600x240:  standard size, many opportunities

Every piece of multifaceted officecontainer offers you can use widespread and efficient. But 600x240 sizes office container rises from this strong field in the Mobilainers' offers. Standard sizes offers a custom opportunity for that it can extends the containers with countless combinations with other containers. Besides it offers a more comfortable places for work for more people than the smaller ones.There are many different types from 600x400 sizes office container in stock if you want to separate more room or have more door or windows. Besides you can choose with toilet or with toilet and basin also with same parameters.

If you need not only an office containers but you need a different types of mobile containers for example sanitary containers, used marine containers, storagecontainers, mobilainers, or  guard containers call us with confidence. 

Quality, future-proof mobile office container offers

A Mobilainer made from premium materials and it offers light-weight construction's containers for clients that you can move if you need with forklift or crane.

Every office container is insulated because it offers very comfortable working place in every season. It have runoff so that the paint  wear off more slowly from the office container. Furthermore it have fortified pedestal in one word in this case concrete base not need for deploying office containers. Every piece we distribute we guarantee

You can get an office container for reasonable price

If you are interested in one of our containers call us and send your needs! We make contact you with an offer in very short time in what there is price for office container after that we speak about the details together. We will strive to adapt to clients' needs in every regard and we will offer the most reasonable price.

The prices of the office containers in our bidding are very reasonable. From one hand it thanks to  the containers dont's have more than one floor. Besides that it worthy look around more precise in our bidding because we extends our bidding with new offers constantly.


What are the advantage of an office container? 

First it perhaps sounds weird to furnish a container for an office. But same as - the containerhouse is housing building - the office container have many advantages:


  • Mobile:  an office container can move, that is very comfortable. No need a permit for build and we can save work cost and material cost also. Furthermore you don't have to wait months or more time for move in.
  • Economic: for mobility the office container is more cost-friendly solution than building. Furthermore we forget high cost for rent in every month.
  • Comfortable: the office containers is same comfortable as  the buildings that made from stones. So we don't have to afraid of water-usage or electricity-usage will be difficult.
  • Durable: the panels of the office container are very durable because it made from steel. It have insulated what is good against the disturbing noise and warm and it is very energy-saving if we use it.
  • Aesthetic: the sidewalls' inner or outer steel surface we can easily paint for custom colors' shades if you need.  So if you need an office container for your custom need we can make it.



If you have more questions for our services? Then make contact with our collagues!