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Why Mobilainer Containers?

Advantages of Mobilainer Containers

Affordable container prices: You can acquire containers from our offer at very favorable prices, as we specialize in ground-level containers.
Mobile: Thanks to their ergonomic design and lightweight structure, they can be easily moved at any time with either a top crane or a bottom forklift.
Extremely stable structure: Our containers are equipped with a strong structure during production, using only durable, premium materials.
Reinforced base: The bases of the containers we offer have received extra reinforcement, allowing them to be used even without a concrete foundation.
Equipped with a drainage system: The containers have drains at the upper corner hooks, effectively directing the water away.
Excellent insulation: Each panel has excellent insulation, providing effective thermal and sound insulation.
Optionally connectable to other containers: You can create container houses or larger offices from our containers, as the modules can be interconnected as needed.
High ceiling height: In the Mobilainer Ltd. container offering, you can find models with extra ceiling height (2.4-2.5m), eliminating the "box feeling."
Aesthetic appearance: Due to the decorative, paintable metal sheets, each container for sale boasts an aesthetic appearance both inside and out.

Why choose Mobilainer containers?

  • Numerous successfully completed projects
  • We work with an expert team
  • Quality and dynamic container installation
  • Friendly, customer-centric approach
  • Flexible approach to partner needs
  • Innovative, modern solutions
  • Continuous portfolio development
  • Helpful, comprehensive advice

Mobilainer container types

Office containers

Mobilainer office containers have a comfortable interior design. In terms of size, you can choose from smaller, 4m long pieces to larger, 6m long containers in our range. Some versions are equipped with electricity, while other types have a built-in toilet and sink. The windows and doors of the containers are equipped with smooth glass surfaces with protective bars.

Storage containers

For storage containers, we offer various versions: you can acquire 20 or 40-foot storage containers for your purposes. They enable secure storage, easy handling, and high mobility, and are space-saving. Our containers are effectively equipped against water, frost, and wind.

Guard booth containers

Guarding various sites, construction sites, machine stations, or events is typically a 24-hour task. What the security staff definitely needs is a guard booth container equipped with air conditioning, heating, and electricity. They ensure comfortable work and provide a place where the professional can occasionally relax.

Used shipping containers

In our company specializing in the sale of mobile containers, used shipping containers are also available. You can choose from our 20 and 40-foot shipping containers. They are universally applicable in construction, logistics, storage, trade, shipping, and other industrial activities. Their short sides can be fully opened, and they have double-wing doors.

Many other types of containers are also available to you

Our goal is to offer our customers the widest possible range of services and unique solutions. If, in addition to office, storage, guard booth, or used shipping containers, you need display containers, mobilainers, sanitary containers, mobile homes, or other types, you can confidently turn to us. Choose any of them; we also provide a guarantee for all our products.

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