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The concept of modular homes and housing modules is now much more than a temporary solution or a backup plan. While in the past, there was a common belief that such structures were only suitable under special circumstances, the modern types available today are making more people seriously consider the possibilities offered by mobile homes. In addition to the fact that the prices of modular homes much lower in comparison to the construction costs of previous times, they are comfortable, customizable, and easily movable.

They are perfectly suited for accommodation services, whether for temporary or permanent living, a family home, hospitality, or employee housing. They provide a reliable option without astronomical expenses and without the need for a lengthy building permit application process. Choose from the quality offerings of Mobilainer for your next housing solution!

Advantages of Modular Homes:

Easy Installation: Modular homes are easily transportable as they are pre-manufactured and ready for installation. They can be quickly put into use, making them ideal for meeting urgent housing needs.

Flexibility: Modules can be easily expanded or modified according to individual requirements. Layout and equipment modifications can be easily implemented, allowing them to adapt to changing circumstances and unique user needs.

Quick Implementation: Mobile homes are pre-manufactured, allowing them to be put into use shortly after transportation. This helps save time and costs for builders or those in need of urgent accommodations.

Cost-Effective: Whether for temporary or permanent housing solutions, modular homes offer a more cost-effective option compared to the construction or rental of traditional buildings.

Environmentally Friendly: Modular homes made from recycled materials can provide an environmentally friendly solution for users committed to sustainable architecture.

Basic Comfort: You can order a fully furnished modular home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and storage, ensuring a comfortable environment right from the move-in.

Mobility: Insulated mobile homes are movable and transportable, providing the opportunity to set them up in another town or location.

Customized Modular Homes, Mobile Homes to Fit Your Unique Needs

A house made of sandwich panels? No problem! Moreover, you can easily tailor our range of insulated mobile homes to your own needs. Contact us, and you can shape your own home based on the following criteria.

Interior Layout: The interior layout of the modules can be customized. You have the option to place rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas in a way that is practical and comfortable for the resident.

Size: Modular homes are available in various sizes and shapes, allowing the chosen size to be adapted to the available space and requirements.

Furniture: The mobile family home can be personalized with the right furniture and decorations. This way, you can create an environment that reflects individual style and taste.

Exterior Appearance: The external appearance of the mobile home can also be tailored to your preferences.

Turnkey Residential House from Mobilainer: Why Choose Us?

Great Modular House Prices

How about obtaining a property that perfectly meets your needs for half the cost per square meter of a traditional construction project? Modular houses offer an excellent opportunity in this regard, as the price of a modular home is significantly more favorable than that of brick-built houses. Saving on initial costs is already a significant advantage, but modular houses offer much more! In addition to being affordable to purchase, they also come with low heating and maintenance costs, and they can easily connect to utilities.


Team Expertise

The Mobilainer team has been active in the container business for a long time, boasting numerous successfully completed projects over the years. Our service is characterized by reliable and dynamic mobile home installation, and we pay particular attention to the flexible handling of customer needs. When purchasing a mobile home, many questions may arise, which is why we provide comprehensive information and guidance to ensure clarity for you.

Beautiful Mobile Homes

No matter how practical a mobile home may be, we understand that it's a bonus if it is not only functional but also visually pleasing. The metal panels of the structures in our offering can be painted or covered according to your preferences, making the living space not only more inviting but also allowing it to reflect the colors of your company's identity. We haven't neglected aesthetics in the interior design either: every room, the kitchen, and the bathroom boast a sophisticated appearance, providing an environment where you can comfortably negotiate with business partners within the walls of your mobile home.

Our ready-to-move-in mobile homes come fully equipped with matching furnishings. The lighting is prepared, drainage is in place, and thanks to the high ceiling, there's no "boxy feeling" inside the structure. Our company always strives for new, innovative solutions to make our mobile homes even more unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Excellent Quality, Quick Execution

Concerned that a modular home might be less sturdy than traditional brick-based residences? There's no need to worry—in fact, a well-designed modular home's structural stability is several times greater than that of other houses. Mobilainer only offers products with the most robust structures among mobile homes, and we trust in their durability based not only on conviction but also experience. The panels are made from premium materials, and their base has extra reinforcement, allowing them to be used without a concrete foundation.

These excellently insulated, comfortable homes can be made available in just a few weeks! While a traditional brick house may take several months or even years to go from plans to realization, the Mobilainer team swiftly installs the chosen structure.

Moveable, Expandable Living Module

Construction and industrial work often involve inevitable relocations. Naturally, every contractor would prefer the transition to a new project to happen as quickly as possible. By choosing a living module, you won't have to go through the cumbersome process of selling or renting a residence, nor do you have to bid farewell to a proven living arrangement. Living modules are extremely easy to move from one place to another, either by crane from the top or with the usage of a forklift. Similarly, mobile homes can be easily expanded according to your preferences: they can be effortlessly connected to other modules. While expanding a traditional home requires new building permits, planning, and expensive materials, the process for a living module is quick and budget-friendly.


Cases in which a ready-made mobile home may be applied:

Temporary Housing: When temporary housing is needed and finding a rental is challenging, a modern mobile home can be a better and more cost-effective solution.

Permanent Residency: While a few years ago this might have been unimaginable, an increasing number of people now choose this comfortable solution for permanent residency. It allows for quicker occupancy without waiting for construction work and is considered a more cost-effective option.

Construction Sites and Work Areas: Mobile homes can be used for workers on construction sites, roadworks, or other temporary work areas, serving as offices, rest areas, or changing rooms.

Outdoor Events: Besides the option of setting up tents at festival venues, mobile homes are increasingly provided as accommodation. This makes multi-day festivals more attractive by ensuring greater comfort.

Remote Work Locations: In industries where work is conducted in remote areas, the use of mobile container homes can improve the living and working conditions for the workers.

Tourism and Camping: Using mobile homes in camping grounds, resorts, or tourist facilities provides a much more comfortable accommodation option.

Module Houses and Many More Useful Structures in the Mobilainer Range

We have curated the Mobilainer product range to meet various needs in different situations. If you want to keep your car secure alongside your comfortable home based on a living module, you can also get a mobile garage from us. You can confidently turn to us if you need a reception container, sanitary container, or office container for construction or other projects. In addition to simpler models, we also offer fully equipped types that come with a toilet, sink, air conditioning and heating. Alongside these, our larger containers can easily be transformed into communal spaces, dining areas, meeting rooms, or laundries.

Our used marine containers are an ideal solution if you want to buy a container for storage or shipping purposes. The containers in our range, whether 20 or 40 feet, cater to every need.

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