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Storage Container Rent

Storage Container Rent

12/07/2022 08:44
Storage Container Rent

Renting warehouse containers is an excellent solution for industrial areas, providing a safe and cost-effective storage option for inventory, waste, and machinery. It offers a great alternative to constructing and renting warehouse buildings, as the use of warehouse containers is much simpler and more advantageous. With its durable structure and perfect sealability, it provides reliable assistance not only in the construction industry but also in the field of transportation.

If you are looking for a temporary but secure warehouse container, the Mobilainer warehouse container rental service offers the perfect solution. Contact our colleagues for more information!

2 meters 50.000 FT+VAT
3 meters 50.000 FT+VAT
4 meters 50.000 FT+VAT
6 meters iroda-, storage container (20 foot sandwich panel) 55.000 FT+VAT
6 meters office container with sanitary room 60.000 FT+VAT
6 meters office container with sanitary room+Air conditioning 65.000 FT+VAT
40 Foot HC High Cube sea container 55.000 FT+VAT

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When does renting a warehouse container provide an excellent solution?

If you need a quickly accessible warehouse and want to ensure the highest security for your valuables, consider renting a warehouse container. If the need for a mobile warehouse is not constant, opt for leasing from our continuously expanding selection instead of purchasing!

You don't have to worry about transportation, as it will be delivered precisely to the desired location, ready for use. Later, we will also handle the removal.

  • This service is available at a favorable price.
  • It's a cost-effective solution, as you only pay for the mobile warehouse when you use it.
  • During periods of non-use, you don't have to worry about its placement.
  • No need to wait for weeks or months; we guarantee fast delivery.
  • In our extensive range, you are sure to find the perfect solution that meets your needs.


The advantages of warehouse containers

Thanks to their excellent insulation, warehouse containers provide great protection against water, wind, and frost.
They offer space-saving solutions as you can choose from various sizes according to your needs. Moreover, stackable containers can be stored together, even interconnected if needed.
Most models are part of our permanent warehouse inventory, ensuring quick delivery.
Due to their lightweight structure, they are easily movable and transferable, making transportation hassle-free.
Made from durable steel sheets, they are highly resistant, not only to the stresses of use but also to weather conditions, ensuring longevity. They are cost-effective compared to renting and maintaining warehouse buildings, offering a more economical solution.
Renting warehouse containers also doesn't bind you for years; you only use them when needed.


Why choose the rental services of Mobilainer warehouse containers?

Each container in our extensive range is equipped with high load-bearing capacity. This is thanks to its premium, rust-resistant steel frame that reliably withstands environmental challenges. Additionally, all our warehouse containers seal tightly against dust and drips. This ensures reliable storage by protecting stored items from weather changes.


Warehouse container rental from a wide selection.

You can choose from various designs and sizes in our selection. If you opt for our standard sizes, we can guarantee a fast delivery time. These containers are always available.


Warehouse container with PVC door 600x240x262 cm (Sandwich panel, PVC door: 180x210 cm)
Warehouse container with Metallic door 600x240x262cm (Sandwich panel, metallic door: 90x210 cm)
20-foot sea container 600x243x260 cm
40-foot sea container 1200x242x274 cm


You can stack our 20 and 40-foot containers on top of each other if needed, saving a significant amount of space.

We offer containers for various other tasks as well

If you are looking for container solutions for tasks beyond warehouse containers, feel free to reach out to us! In our high-quality container offering, you will undoubtedly find the ideal space that perfectly suits your needs, whether it's an office container, guard container, or even mobile homes. Our team is ready to assist you.

If you have any further questions about our services, don't hesitate to contact us using our provided contact information!



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