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How much does a Mobile Home cost?

16/06/2022 14:25
How much does a Mobile Home cost?

The question of how much a mobile home costs is increasingly common nowadays. This is not surprising, as mobile homes have been enjoying continuous popularity in the last 1-2 years. These easily movable, high-quality structures with low maintenance costs have become a popular solution, with entire neighborhoods consisting of mobile homes being a common sight in foreign countries. In Europe, due to the rising real estate prices, it has become an increasingly popular option. Naturally, its numerous advantages far surpass its favorable cost, so let's explore this phenomenon in more detail.


What is a mobile home and how much does cost?

A mobile home is an easily transportable and installable residential building. Many people confuse it with a container house, although they are not the same. While a mobile home is delivered to the customer in a completely finished state, container houses are delivered in pieces and assembled on-site.

The design of mobile homes is not stable due to their transportability. The materials need to adapt to mobility, so they cannot be paved, and painting the walls is not recommended by experts. However, their insulation is still reliable, making these homes usable year-round.

In terms of structure, a steel frame forms the basis, supporting the sandwich structure. The cost greatly depends on the quality of the materials used.



Advantages of a mobile home 

  • In most cases, no building permit is required.
  • Quick to move in. Since it arrives in one piece at the location, its installation is lightning-fast, and you can occupy the turnkey house within a few hours.
  • Available with built-in furniture and can be equipped with appliances.
  • Not tied to a specific location. Easily movable, so if you get tired of it or need to leave for other reasons, you can easily transport the entire house with you.
  • Saves you from major real estate investments.
  • Cost-effective. Its expenses are minimal compared to properties built from bricks.
  • Usable in any season, thanks to its quality insulation, providing perfect living conditions in both summer heat and winter cold.


How much does a mobile home cost, Who is it recommended for?

As mobile homes often do not require a separate building permit, their use can be extremely versatile. However, before making a purchase, it is advisable to inquire with the local municipality to determine whether their installation qualifies as construction, as local regulations may still require it.

If the intention is for permanent residence, obtaining a building permit and, in some cases, an occupancy permit is essential. In this case, it might even be possible to establish a permanent address. However, such cases are currently limited in Hungary.

Mobile homes are typically purchased for purposes such as vacation homes, additional guest houses within a property, or for temporary housing due to various reasons. Since there is no need for a separate foundation, compacted soil and a few strategically placed concrete blocks are sufficient to support the house. Therefore, the installation, including connecting to utilities, usually takes no more than a few hours.

Once installed, the house is ready for habitation, equipped with all necessary amenities. The appearance and features of mobile homes can vary, significantly influencing their prices.

To make them truly cozy, extra features can be added such as wooden paneling or roofing. In many cases, they come with large terrace windows or glass doors, making them perfect for creating an inviting outdoor space.



What are the additional costs?

Determining the exact cost of a mobile home is challenging, as there are various factors to consider, such as structural design, interior layout, equipment, and the quality of materials. However, beyond the specific costs of the house, there are additional considerations that should not be overlooked.

Transportation of the house can entail extra costs, as it requires a specialized truck with the appropriate permits, often limited to nighttime transport due to its size. These expenses may not be included in the initial mobile home price.

To ensure a quick and efficient installation process within a few hours, a site survey is necessary. Experts assess whether the location is suitable for safe installation, and if needed, perform site preparation work, such as leveling the terrain.

Connecting utilities like water and electricity is essential for making the mobile home habitable. However, this can incur additional costs that need to be addressed before the installation of the house.

In many cases, a tractor is required to position the mobile home, adding to the overall expenses.

While some of these costs may already be factored into the purchase price of the mobile home, it's advisable to discuss these matters when considering a purchase.

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