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Office container sizes

10/02/2022 10:09
Office container sizes

There are situations in life where a mobile office is the best solution. Examples include construction sites or when a company needs a temporary location. In such cases, it is important to explore the available office container sizes and types on the market. If you also want to take advantage of the benefits of these quickly and easily deployable mobile structures that don't require building permits, read our summary!

What situations call for an office container?

There can be numerous situations where an office container becomes necessary. One of the most common scenarios is when a secure, insulated, and hygienic space is needed on a construction site to perform tasks related to administration and communication. Depending on the size of the construction site and the nature of the office work to be done on-site, different office container sizes may prove ideal on various construction sites.

Another common area of use for office containers is in the events industry. In such cases, the windows of office containers often function as rental windows. Examples include using office containers as ticket sales kiosks, money exchange points, cloakrooms, luggage storage, or even for storing found items.

Office container sizes: the most popular parameters

Among the office container sizes available in the Mobilainer offering, the smallest is the 205x205. This compact-sized (205 cm wide, 300 cm long, and 2450 mm external height) office container is particularly practical when the office is not needed too frequently, and generally, only one person stays in it at a time.

The 300x205 size offers the opportunity to store a certain amount of documents and technical equipment. Here, even the clothes and personal items of a few workers can fit during their shifts if needed.
The 400x205, 1-door model provides even more space, while the 600x205, two-window office containers allow for parallel work by multiple people.
Office containers in the latter category (600x205) are also available equipped with a toilet, or with a toilet and sink.

Height matters!

As revealed in the previous paragraph, a common feature in all office container sizes available from Mobilainer is the 2.5-meter height. This ensures that the container does not give a "compressed" or confined feeling.

Equipment is also crucial

Of course, the decision must also take into account the technical possibilities offered by the office container since electrical power is needed for the work performed in it, for operating lighting, and information technology equipment. Many office containers available from us, for example, come with a standard, installed electrical network and ceiling LED lights.

In addition to electronic features, insulation is also an important consideration. Therefore, we pay great attention to the quality of the metal sheets and the appropriate PUR insulation.

It is worth considering whether a water block will be needed on-site. If so, it is a practical decision to choose an office container equipped with a toilet (or with a toilet and sink).

Besides office container sizes, quality should not be overlooked

Once you have selected the office container size that suits you, it is worth learning about quality-related parameters. In the Mobilainer offering, standard and galvanized office containers are available. Our products are made from premium materials with a lightweight structure. Due to their good quality, they are easy to combine, allowing for the creation of larger office containers.

At Mobilainer, our mission is to help everyone who comes to us find the office container that best suits their needs. If our services have piqued your interest, do not hesitate to contact us!

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