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Mobile Home Installation - Everything You Need to Know

10/02/2022 10:05
 Mobile Home Installation - Everything You Need to Know

The installation of mobile homes is a popular topic these days. And this is not by chance: with property and building material prices skyrocketing from week to week, more and more people are exploring alternative solutions for home creation. We believe this is a welcome trend, as mobile homes offer flexible, secure, and environmentally friendly alternatives. However, there is still not enough information in the public consciousness on the subject - many sources spread misconceptions and baseless fears. We are here to set the record straight, so join us and read on!

Installation of a Mobile Home: When is it worth it?

While the installation of a mobile home is a considerably simpler process, it is still as crucial a decision as embarking on a construction project. Therefore, it is worth careful consideration. Many still think of a mobile home as a Plan B, a temporary solution, or perhaps just a vacation home. However, a mobile home is a full-fledged, advantageous option even for those looking to create a permanent residence. It is recommended for practically anyone seeking a cost-effective, energy-efficient, sustainable, and aesthetic solution. It is not worth listening to those who claim that mobile homes are not suitable for year-round living; this assumption has long been refuted by the comfort and excellence of 4-season mobile homes!"

Installation of a Mobile Home: Here are the Greatest Advantages!


A professionally designed and installed mobile home has a static stability several times greater than that of other types of houses. Of course, this is only true if you purchase from a reliable distributor. We can only speak for our own standards: Mobilainer offers products with durability qualities that we trust both in conviction and experience. Our residential containers and mobile homes have a base with extra reinforcement (perfectly usable even without a concrete base), and their panels are made from premium materials. In addition to the factors mentioned above, their longevity is guaranteed by the premium steel frame and the extra-strong base. Therefore, there is no need to worry that the installation of a mobile home would result in a less robust structure than traditional brick buildings.


It used to be completely natural for someone to settle permanently in a specific location after moving. However, today, it is more common for people to move several times during their lives, often due to family changes or job relocation. However, with traditional residential houses, this process can be quite cumbersome: selling the house, buying another one, saying goodbye to the familiar and beloved home... If someone chooses to install a mobile home, this may not be necessary. Mobile homes can be relatively easily moved from one place to another using crane or towing solutions.


During the installation of a mobile home, much less waste is generated compared to a "traditional" construction project. The energy consumption of mobile homes is much lower than that of other structures, thanks to their excellent insulation. Moreover, there is no need to worry about being exposed to potentially harmful building materials, as opposed to older construction materials, the elements of mobile homes are rigorously tested.

The process of installation

The installation of a mobile home is carried out as follows:

  • The Mobilainer team delivers the mobile home.
  • We place it in the suitable location chosen by the customer.
  • We answer all arising questions.
  • We hand over the keys and congratulate on the new home.

The installation process is as simple as that! Although the time from ordering to moving in is longer, it is still a fraction of the duration of a traditional construction project. The product is completed within a few weeks, even in the case of a custom-designed mobile home. Additionally, it is possible, upon agreement, to install the sanitary facilities after the on-site delivery. In the latter case, an additional 1-2 days of work should be considered.

Mobilainer's mission is to provide the best possible quality to its customers. If our mobile home installation service has piqued your interest, feel free to contact us – we are happy to assist you!

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