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The Meaning of Logistics: What Lies Behind the Term?

13/12/2021 10:15
The Meaning of Logistics: What Lies Behind the Term?

Logistics: a frequently used term in everyday life. It appears in both casual conversations and in the fields of economics and business. However, true understanding often comes from those who work in or are involved with logistics processes on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it's good to know that not every description is precise! Many people encounter different definitions when it comes to the meaning of logistics—this is possible because there is no complete consensus in the literature. Our current post is for those who are just getting acquainted with this concept. Our goal is to thoroughly explore the aspects of this field and provide a comprehensive overview for those interested in this exciting world. Join us and read on!

The meaning of logistics: What is logistics?

The meaning of logistics is not fully known to many: for most, it exists as a somewhat vague and difficult-to-describe concept. Many believe its purpose is simply to transport goods from point A to point B. However, it involves much more! The precise aim of logistics is to carry out transportation in the fastest and most efficient way possible, utilizing the available financial budgets and resources. But let's get to the essence, in a nutshell!

The meaning of logistics in short:

The term 'logistics' encompasses the flow of materials, people, and information. It involves the organization, planning, control, and direction of methods and routes.

More about the field of logistics:

Interestingly, the term 'logistics' itself originates from the Greek word 'logos,' meaning calculation, reason, planning, and sense. In today's business world, it is primarily used to denote the process whose goal is to ensure that the desired material or (even semi-finished) product reaches its destination in the right quality and quantity at a specified time, while keeping transportation costs within optimal limits. It also includes maintaining the relationship system between production, sales, and procurement, as well as ensuring the smooth management of processes.

According to some views, the significance of logistics goes beyond the above: it is an interdisciplinary branch of knowledge that coordinates and systematizes the current knowledge of the profession.

The meaning of a logistician:

The field described above would, of course, be an empty concept without professionals specializing in logistics. Thus, the meaning of a logistician can be defined as follows: a professional (most commonly a logistics coordinator or engineer) who coordinates the logistics processes within a company or another organization. This often involves organizing the transportation of products, both from the manufacturer to the retailer and from the retailer to the customer.

Ideally, someone in this role possesses good organizational skills, effective communication abilities, excellent load-bearing capacity, customer-centric attitude, a good memory, as well as thoroughness and accuracy. The responsibilities of a logistician are complex, including tasks such as maintaining relationships with suppliers, handling export and import procedures, managing databases, and overseeing inventory.

Mobilainer's Commitment to the Development of Logistics:

Our primary goal is to meet our customers' needs as accurately as possible, and we work diligently to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. However, we also keep in mind the contribution we can make to the development of our industry, logistics. Therefore, we continually strive for innovation, aiming to keep our service and product range up-to-date. We regularly implement professional innovations and, as professionals, consistently expand our knowledge. We believe and experience that this is the path leading towards logistic excellence.

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