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The concept of warehousing: what does it mean, and how does it work?

23/02/2024 12:36
The concept of warehousing: what does it mean, and how does it work?

What does the concept of storage entail? Storage is a logistical process with its main pillars being organization, secure storage, and efficient transportation. It is an extremely complex task where not only the optimal timing of transportation needs to be determined but also the mode of transportation is crucial for preserving the quality of goods. In the following blog post, we present the concept of storage and its key steps.

The concept of warehousing or storing goods

Organizations and companies that produce goods must have warehouses. After production or import, the goods are stored in the warehouse, where they are sorted and prepared for transportation according to a specific system. The warehousing process helps keep inventory under control and ensures quick delivery, as goods go directly from the warehouse to the transport vehicle. Proper storage of goods contributes to the continuous productivity of an organization and ensures customer satisfaction.

How does warehousing work?

Warehousing is a complex process consisting of two fundamental parts: storing and moving goods. Within these, various sub-areas are distinguished.

  1. Goods receiving

Receiving goods is the very first step in the warehousing process. It is a crucial component as it involves inspecting the products. If any damage is found, the entire shipment must be reviewed, and the items can only be placed in the warehouse's designated location after a thorough check.

  1. Goods placement

The next step involves transporting goods to their storage location. This operation is also multi-step, considering factors such as the delivery destination, required resources, and grouping similar items or types of goods in one place for easier and more efficient distribution.

  1. Order picking

This process is also known as order picking. During this step, products are collected for customers, and they are prepared for the packaging phase.

  1. Goods packaging

Proper packaging of products is essential in the warehousing process to ensure they remain undamaged during transportation. Products are grouped during packaging and then placed in appropriate containers or storage units. This is also when labels are printed, and the carrier is selected.

  1. Goods transportation

The final step in warehousing is transportation, where the goods reach the customer.

The processes of these sub-areas build upon each other. Any error in any step can impact the quality of transportation and customer satisfaction.

What types of warehouses can we choose from?

After understanding the concept and process of warehousing, let's explore the types of warehouses available:

  • Central warehouse and distribution center: Choosing this type depends on capacity and space requirements. It's essential to determine how quickly and efficiently the company can serve its customers. If multiple warehouses are needed, a distribution center may also be considered.
  • Industrial warehouse: Primarily suitable for storing machinery, furniture, and clothing.
  • Manual warehouse: Recommended for storing smaller and easily movable quantities.
  • Transportation warehouse: Mainly used for shipping purposes and storing production equipment.
  • Agricultural warehouse: Most suitable for storing food products.
  • Warehouse container: Warehouse containers are excellent for storing any goods and can even be used for transportation, whether in shipping, agriculture, or personal use. Mobilainer warehouse containers offer numerous advantages: they are easily movable, can be placed anywhere, multiple containers can be interconnected, and they are extremely durable. Made from high-quality steel, these containers have high load-bearing capacity, ensuring they withstand wind, strong sunlight, or hail. Mobilainer prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, making the transportation of containers fast and cost-effective. With their robust construction, warehouse containers provide a secure storage space for any goods, ensuring the protection of the quality of the stored items.

Why is the proper quality of the warehousing process important?

One of the guarantees of efficiency for a company producing goods is proper warehousing. Productivity, customer satisfaction, and subsequently, the reliability and profitability of the company are all influenced by every business process. Therefore, neglecting the warehousing process is not advisable.

What else does the quality of warehousing affect?

  • the flexibility of the organization and transportation,
  • costs, as well-organized warehousing results in cost-effectiveness,
  • the effectiveness of transportation.

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